Hyrule's Downfall

Warning: Contains spoilers for The Wind Waker.

Mandrag Ganon‘s defeat and imprisonment in the Dark World were rejoiced throughout the kingdom of Hyrule. Though the Hero himself was gone, his deeds would not be forgotten. Princess Zelda ensured that the Hero of Time’s journey and bravery were recorded in the annals of history, and that the Master Sword and Ocarina would remain safe for the future. Taking her rightful place as the ruler of Hyrule, Zelda led the people out of the darkness and into a new age of prosperity and hope.

As time passed, the kingdom of Hyrule returned to the green and blessed country it had once been, rarely beset by war or famine. The Royal Family carried on their ancient role as the leaders of the kingdom, passing the Triforce of Wisdom down through their family line. As a means of protecting the Triforce, a small piece of it it was separated via careful magic, one part held by the current ruler and the other by the one next in line for the throne. Thus the Triforce was never abused for selfish reasons.

It came to pass that during the reign of King Daphnes Nohansen Hyrule, a fell wind began to blow from the temples of Hyrule. It was a small sign, but a dire one nonetheless. The Royal Family consulted the sages, and came to the same grim conclusion: Ganon was stirring once more, and the seal of the seven sages was weakening, for no force could hold back the onslaught of the Triforce of Power’s bearer forever. Ancient texts were consulted, stars were watched, and signs and portents considered in what should be done.

Hope came with the appearance of two new sages, who felt the call of destiny from the long-forgotten Earth and Wind temples. Laruto, the Sage of Earth and Fado, the Sage of Wind, came to the established sages with new knowledge from the Temple of Light, the last bastion of purity in the Dark World. Even that sacred point of light was on the verge of being snuffed, and once it was, Ganon would be able to break the seal and return to the world. His return was nigh, and little was to be done to stop it. Yet all was not lost, for the two sages revealed the role they would play: they would return to their temples and pray to the gods, in a bid to keep some sacred power flowing to the one thing that could best Ganon, the Master Sword. With the Hero of Time long gone, there was none who could truly wield the power to repel evil, and so the sages set out to find a new solution.

But time was not on the side of the people of Hyrule, Sage or King alike, and there came the dreaded day when the Sage’s Seal was shattered. Ganon returned to the world, heralded by storm-wracked skies and trembling earth, and with him a tide of evil creatures from the depths of the Dark World. With the bloodlust of a beast trapped in a cage, the Demon King spared no one’s lives as his forces ravaged the land of Hyrule. Powerful monster infiltrated the Earth and Wind Temples and slew the newest sages, preventing the Master Sword from being at its full potential.

As the flames of war licked the countryside and their doom drew near, the people hoped against hope that the legendary Hero of Time would return to them, to put an end to Ganon’s onslaught as he had eons ago. But he did not appear, and scores fell in vain. With no other options, the Hylians fell to their knees and beseeched the gods for aid.

And the gods, it would seem, answered.

Hyrule's Downfall

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