Din's Fire

Aura strong evocation, faint abjuration; CL 12th; Weight —; Slot none; Price 75,400


This small prism holds an inner light, provided by a mote of flame within it. The light from the prism acts the same way as a continual flame spell, and suffers all of the same penalties.

Perhaps more importantly, Din’s Fire acts similarly to a necklace of fireballs when used. By using the command word, the crystal detonates as fireball (DC 19 reflex) in a radius around the wearer. The wearer is not injured by this, but allies within the radius are. You are granted the following charges: 2 charges/3d6, 2 charges/5d6, 2 charges/7d6, 1 charge/9d6. These are renewed when a wizard sacrifices a spell slot to charge them. 3d6 may be charged by a 2nd level spell or above, 5d6 may be charged by a 3rd level spell or above, and so on.

In addition, if you have possession of Din’s fire for more than 24 hours, you are granted Resist 20/Fire and the ability to speak and understand Ancient Hylian.

Din's Fire

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