Divergent Fates

Princess Zelda, in the aftermath of the battle with Ganon, felt guilt and regret for having tried to tamper with powers beyond her understanding, and had dragged Link into it as well. With her power as a Sage and the abilities of the Ocarina of Time, she offered Link a second chance: the ability to go back in time and relive his lost years as he should have, and chance to divert the course of Hyrule’s fate.

This marks a bizarre turning point in the fate of the world. Because of the actions of the Hero, the Sage, and the Ocarina, a flux in time at this moment caused three possible fates, three separate timelines each independent of the other. In the first, Link was sent backward through time, leaving the kingdom he had saved to recover from Ganondorf’s reign; the second resulted from Link’s return to the past, where his actions diverted the course of history and prevented Ganondorf from coming to power; and even so, a third timeline exists, where in the final battle against Ganon the Hero did not succeed.

The Hero is Defeated | The Hero is Successful; Child | The Hero is Successful; Adult

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Divergent Fates

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