Cost Dmg (S) Dmg (M) Crit Range Weight Type Special
Deku Staff 5R 1d4/1d4 1d6/1d6 x2 - 4 lbs. B Double, Monk
Boomerang 20R 1d3 1d4 x2 40 ft. 1 lb. B Returning
Slingshot 10R 1d3 1d4 x2 60 ft. 2 lbs. B
Deku Seeds (50) 5R - - - - 0.1 lb. -
Deku Nut (5) 15R 1d2 1d3 x2 20 ft. 0.5 lbs. B Stun
Razor Sword 75R 1d6 1d8 18-20 / x2 - 4 lbs. P/S Deadly
Goron Warhammer 100R 1d10 1d12 x3 - 10 lbs. B Reach, Sunder
Hookshot 300R 1d6 1d8 x3 40 ft. 8 lbs. P Reload(Move)
Longshot 400R 1d6 1d8 x3 80 ft. 15 lbs. P Reload(Move)
Bomb(5) 50R 1d8 1d10 - - 10 lbs. - see text
Arrows, Bomb(5) 20R see text see text - - 2 lbs. - see text
Gilded Sword 250R 1d10 1d12 18-20 / x2 - 7 lbs. P/S Deadly
Ball and Chain 80R 1d12 2d6 x3 20 ft. 20 lbs. B/P Trip, Reload(Move)
Biggoron’s Sword 120R 1d10 1d12 19-20 / x2 - 10 lbs. P/S Reach
Skull Hammer 60R 1d12 2d6 x3 - 15 lbs. B Reach, Sunder
Clawshot 500R 1d8 1d10 x3 80 ft. 12 lbs. P Grab, Reload (Move)
Sacred Bow 200R 1d8 1d10 x3 150 ft. 3 lbs. P see text
Bombchu(5) 100R 1d8 1d10 - - 10 lbs. - see text
Powder Keg 200R 2d6 3d6 - - 30 lbs. - see text
Water Bomb(10) 75R 1d6 2d4 - - 8 lbs. - see text

Armor and Shields

Cost Bonus Max Dex Penalty Spell Failure Weight
Deku Shield 2R +1 - -1 5% 3 lbs.
Parade Shield 80R +2 - -2 15% 10 lbs.

Magic Items

Cost Weight Description
Zora’s Armor 10,300R 30 lbs. This Scale Mail is constructed from Zoran scales and enchanted by Zoran mages.
“Magic” Armor 75,650R 50 lbs. This set of Full Plate is imbued with a strong protective enchantment… at a cost.
Goron’s Tunic 18,010R 5 lbs. This Padded Armor is woven with by the hands of Goron craftsman, said to retain their heat resistant abilities.
Mirror Shield 25,620R 15 lbs. This Heavy Steel Shield has the ability to reflect light and some attacks.
Gale Boomerang 26,200R 1 lb. Within this Boomerang resides a Fairy of Wind, creating a small whirlwind as you throw it.
Ice Arrows(50) 8,000R 0.5 lb. These Arrows are imbued with the power of ice, and can freeze a foe solid.
Fire Arrows(50) 8,000R 0.5 lb. These Arrows are imbued with the power of fire, setting a foe ablaze.
Light Arrows(50) 32,000R 0.5 lb. These Arrows are imbued with the divine power of the Goddesses, destroying any evil it touches.
Red Potion 50R - The Red Potion is the standard healing potion, with an extra kick.
Green Potion 750R - The Green Potion is created from the jelly of Chu’s, and is said to boost your spellpower.
Great Fairy’s Tears 3,000R - The tears of a Great Fairy will heal all of your wounds, and allows you to deal massive damage for a while.
Poe’s Soul 4,000R - Those who consume the soul of a poe are to be eternally damned… or eternally gifted.
Blue Potion 5,000R - Said to cure all of your ails, the Blue Potion is by far the most expensive.
Chateau Romani 8,000R - This vintage milk from the finest of cows grants you extreme magical power.
Fairy’s Spirit 25,000R - The last impressions of a fairy are said to heal even the dead.
Fire Rod 22,305R 3 lbs. This small red crystal-topped rod carries the power of fire within it, and is hot to the touch.
Ice Rod 22,305R 3 lbs. This small blue crystal-topped rod carries the power of ice within it, and chills the air around it.
Sand Wand 52,580R 8 lbs. At the top of the small length of stone lies a pyramid-shaped object with a face, allowing you to move large amounts of sand.

Wondrous Items

Cost Weight Description
Hawkeye 6,000R 1 lb. Bearing resemblance to an eagle, this item allows you to see far beyond your means.
Hero’s Charm 12,000R 1 lb. Imbuded with strong magics, the Hero’s Charm allows you to see the vital signs of nearby enemies.
Power Bracelet 1,000R 0.25 lb. This single wristband allows the wearer to lift large boulders.
Mole Mitts 10,000R 5 lbs. Shaped like the claws of some massive mole-like monster, the Mole Mitts allow one to burrow.
Silver Gauntlets 19,000R 0.5 lb. This pair of Gauntlets allows the haul even cartridges!
Golden Gauntlets 37,000R 2 lbs. This pair of Gauntlets makes one’s strength comparable to massive beasts!
Hover Boots 6,400R 5 lbs. This pair of fine leather boots allow you to walk on air for a few minutes.
Iron Boots 10,500R 20 lbs. This pair of heavy iron boots only become heavy when you put them on.
Gossip Charm 1,500R 0.1 lbs. This small piece of blue stone is wrapped in a cord, said to be made from the remains of a Gossip Stone.
Zoran Scale Necklace 12,000R 0.1 lb. Adorned with Zora Scales, this necklace allows you to breath underwater.
Golden-Scale Necklace 28,000R 0.1 lb. A simple golden scale hangs from a length of cord, leaving one to wonder what it came from.
Roc’s Cape 15,400R 2 lbs. Made from the feathers of the Kargarok, this cape allows you to jump much further and higher than normal.
Gust Jar 46,000R 2 lbs. This normal blue jar can create a massive suction, then use the same force to propel them out.
Lens of Truth 72,000R 1 lb. Carved in the likeness of the Shiekan Eye, the Lens of Truth reveals things that would normally be hidden.


Cost Weight Description
Great Fairy’s Sword 98,000R 5 lbs. This Greatsword is supposedly crafted with the Great Fairy’s tears.
Master Sword - 8 lbs. This longsword is the chosen weapon of the Hero in Green. How did you get it?!
Mage’s Cap - 1 lb. This detailed orange cap is said to grant the wish of whomever dons it.
Majora’s Mask - 2 lbs. I would suggest putting this back where you found it.
Fierce Diety’s Mask - 2 lbs. I’m not joking. Put it back.
Dominion Rod - 5 lbs. Made of an nearly alien design, the Dominion Rod grants you control over certain constructs.
Cane of Pacci - 2 lbs. This tiny curved cane allows one the ability to change gravity in very small areas.
Cane of Somaria - 2 lbs. This tiny curved cane allows one the ability to create small basic objects.
Cane of Byrna - 2 lbs. This tiny curved cane protects the user with a force field when activated.
Din’s Fire 75,400R - A small red crystal, the size of your palm, holds a swirling mote of fire within.
Farore’s Wind 94,500R - A small green crystal, the size of your palm, holds a swirling mote of air within.
Nayru’s Love 125,600R - A small blue crystal, the size of your palm, holds a swirling mote of water within.
Jabbernut - - This strange and minuscule seed allows you the innate knowledge of the Minish language.

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