Fairy's Spirit

Aura strong universal; CL 10th; Price 25,000


This small bottle has the a young fairy trapped within, which lets off a faint glow. You’re not sure why it seems so calm, despite being stuck.

Upon consuming this potion, you will regain 100 HP as the spell heal and allow the small fairy to fly away. The Fairy’s secondary and more interesting use, is after one is dead.

The moment that you fall below negative your constitution and fail your death saving throws, the fairy bursts from the bottle it is contained in. It transforms it’s energy into a wish similar to true resurrection, with a few differences. When returned to life, only half of your health is returned, and you lose 50% of any prepared spells or spell slots you had before death (determined randomly).


Brew Potion, a fairy, true resurrection, heal; Cost 12,500

Fairy's Spirit

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