Gale Boomerang

Aura moderate evocation and transmutation; CL 7th; Weight 1 lb.; Price 26,200 gp


This finely crafted +2 returning boomerang has the spirit of a wind fairy residing within it, causing it to stir up whirlwinds wherever it travels.

The Boomerang travels in a straight line to the target, and has the same effects of the spell Gust of Wind while flying. The only effect that does not persist is the -4 penalty to ranged attacks and perception checks, as the gust will return to you upon the completion of your turn.

Unlike normal returning weapons, the Gale Boomerang will tuck itself into a pocket or bag if no hand is free, allowing you to retrieve it as a minor action.


Craft Magic Arms and Armor, gust of wind, returning weapon; Cost 13,100 gp

Gale Boomerang

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