Golden-Scale Necklace

Aura faint transmutation; CL 6rd; Slot neck; Weight —; Price 28,000


This amulet features the a single golden scale, from a creature unknown. Wearing this item will grant you the ability to breath water as if it were air. Your spells function underwater without issue, if they would have been hindered by a somatic component. In addition, you suffer no penalties to movement or strength in the depths of water.

In addition to breathing water, you are granted the swiftness of a zora within the water. You gain a swim speed equal double to your base land speed. This movement is hindered as it would be on land, be it by weight or armor restrictions. Due to this granted swim speed, you gain a natural +8 bonus to swim checks. These bonuses are removed immediately if the item is taken off or destroyed. You are also able to understand and speak the following languages: Zora, Ancient Hylian, and Aquan.


Craft Wonderous Item, Water breathing, tongues ; Cost 14,000

Golden-Scale Necklace

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