Great Sea

There is a legend known to the people of the Great Seas, that there once existed an ancient and grand kingdom, a land blessed with high mountains, green fields and dense forests. It is said that this kingdom was lost to the ages, forsaken by the gods of old when a force of evil took possession of a golden power and corrupted the land, only to be thwarted by a Hero clothed in green. Even though the Hero succeeded, such a wicked force could not be held at bay for long, and when it rose again to take the land, the Hero was nowhere to be found. The people could only pray, hoping the gods would take pity on them at last.

No one knows exactly what fate befell this kingdom, but some have felt a change on the wind and a shift in the tides. Strange flotsam has appeared, relics of unknown origin and items with mystical properties, and with them has seemingly come a dark current, new dangers and troubles in its wake. It is a time for treasure hunters and adventurers, wizards and inventors, and bold heroes to chart new horizons and unlock the secrets that have bubbled up from the depths.

The Old Kingdom is dead, but its legacy lives on…

The Legendary Hero

(The Great Sea campaign is still in development by Booster. Check back soon!)

Great Sea © Gakoru


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The Great Sea


Great Sea

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