Gust Jar

Aura moderate evocation and faint conjuration; CL 5th; Slot -; Weight 5 lb.; Price 46,000


This small creature sized jar has a blue pattern upon it, and a pair of symbolic wings at the mouth of it. The jar acts as a Portable Hole while not in use, causing the same problems with extra-dimensional spaces as bags of holding.

The main feature of the Jar, however, is much different. By activating it with a command word, the jar begins to draw in everything within a 30 foot cone of the mouth, similar to the spell Hydraulic Torrent. When an object or creature is drawn into the mouth of the jar, it can be forced back out again as a projectile, similar to the spell Gust of Wind. Small creatures shot as a projectile deal 2d6 damage, while medium creatures deal 3d6 damage. The Gust of Wind ability may be used even if there is no creature or object in the jar, however, it will always eject any items within the jar out of it.


Craft Wondrous Item, Hydraulic Torrent, Gust of Wind, Plane Shift; Cost 23,000

Gust Jar

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