Ice Rod

Aura moderate evocation; CL 6th; Slot none; Weight 3 lbs.; Price 22,305 gp


This short crystal-tipped rod is rather heavy for its size, and carries with it a faint chill.

While a creature holds the Ice Rod, they are immune to the ill effects of warm weather, gain cold resistance 5 and as a constant effect as well as + 1 to their Caster Level when casting any spell with the cold descriptor.

In addition, the rod grants the knowledge of the spells cold ice strike and ice storm to any spellcaster wielding it. The caster must have that level of spell available in order to use it, and if their class does not offer it, they use it as a comparable level wizard.


Craft Rod, ice storm, or cold ice strike; Cost 11,305 gp

Ice Rod

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