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There are many different creatures living in the varied realms of Hyrule, and as such, many have developed their own language. With some time and practice, your character may be able to speak them! Whenever a character spends a point in Linguists, they may choose to learn one of these languages.

Below are only the custom languages from this setting. Other commonly used languages include: Abyssal, Aquan, Auran, Celestial, Draconic, Druidic, Giant, Ignan, Infernal, Lip Reading, Moblin (Goblin), Necril, Sign Language, Sylvan and Terran.

Ancient Hylian

Used By: Ancient Creatures, historians, certain arcane practitioners
Ancient Hylian is often used as a predominantly written language. However, Ancient Hylian is a simple to speak language with deep enough complexity to be used by all a manner of teeth, tongue, and vocal structures. From Human to Animal, there are few who couldn’t attempt the flowing words of Ancient Hylian. Mastering it, however, is another matter altogether. Ancient Hylian is read from left-to-right.


Used by: The general populace.
A shared language, Common is the bridge between many. When written, it shares the Hylian alphabet, but is spoken entirely differently.

Out of game, Common is the shared language of the players and the GM!


Used by: The Deku people, Kokiri, and Korok.
Deku is a spoken language only. A combination of high pitched whistles, warbles, and screams create a language that can be heard both on normal and high frequencies. Since Humanoids tend to have a harder time imitating the language, it is common place to augment their capabilities with small whistles that can be held between the teeth.


Used by: The Gerudo.
Where Hylians focus on the movement from one word to the next, the Gerudo language focuses on emphasis of important words. While native Hylian speakers may have some trouble adapting, it is one of the easier languages to learn. Gerudo is read from right-to-left.


Used by: The Goron.
Goron is a spoken language only; the Goron write in ideograms. Goron is perhaps the easiest language to learn, as it combines a series of grunts and groans. While it is adapted to longer conversation, Goron is usually kept short and to the point.


Used by: Hylians, though most are taught to use Hylian as a second language.
Hylian is spoken in a fluid and easily digestible way. Since many races use Hylian script, it is typical for most races to learn this as a common spoken language.

From left to right, we have second and fourth Hylian script. Second Hylian is used primarily after the Age of Prosperity and continues after the Hero is Successful. In the Adult Era, it ceases to be used once Hyrule is flooded. Fourth Hylian is used for a short bit during the Force era, the superseded by Second Hylian. It comes back into common use during all three timelines: After the Imprisoning War in the Hero’s Defeat, during and after the Era of Resurrection in the Child’s Success, and after Hyrule is sunk in the Adult’s Success. Hylian is read from left-to-right.


Used by: The Picori people.
A high-frequency language, there are few that are trained enough to hear, let alone speak, the Picori language. There is little about it that is different than Ancient Hylian, except for intonation and the sheer frequency that it is spoken. Picori is written in the same fashion as Ancient Hylian, just much smaller.


Used by: The Sheikah people and the Hylian Royal Family.
Sheikan is a written language only, passionately protected by the Sheikan elders. Passed down from Sheikah Elder to child, it is only otherwise taught to the highest members of the Hylian Royal Family so that they might communicate secretly with their guards should danger arise.


Used by: The Twilit people.
Twili is a strange language to behold; it sounds much like a distorted and reversed version of Hylian speech. It is an extremely difficult language to learn and as such is rarely ever communicated save by its primary speakers. Twili is read from right-to-left.


Used by: The Zoran people.
Zoran language is beautiful and song-like, uniquely suited to being heard below the water. When spoken through gills it takes on a unique sonic quality that makes it easily heard, sometimes even for miles, unlike the garbled speech of Hylians. Zoran adopts the Hylian alphabet when written.

Editors Note: I am not a Linguist; I’m a Native English speaker without the ability to speak another language. Should you be a Linguist yourself, or even able to speak more than one language, please give me some pointers! I don’t intend to offend with my descriptions.
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