Sand Wand

Aura moderate transmutation; CL 5th; Slot none; Weight 8 lbs.; Price 52,580


This stout mace-like rod has the appearance of a pyramid, carrying with it the scent of sand.

The Sand Wand counts as a +1 conductive heavy mace. While a creature holds the Sand Wand, they are immune to the ill effects of warm weather and are able to traverse as normal in sand and weather brought on by sand (i.e. Sandstorms).

In addition, the wielder of the wand is granted the ability to Transmute Sand. This ability works in the same way that Stone Shape and Transmute Mud to Rock work, being that you must first have access to sand. You are able to shift up to 15 cubic feet of sand in one sitting, though you are unable to have more than one area of 15 cubic foot sand active at once- i.e. you would be unable to make a huge bridge of sand.


Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Craft Rod, stone shape, transmute mud to rock; Cost 26,290

Sand Wand

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