Special Arrows


The large head of this strange arrow is capable of holding a good amount of powder. When knocking the arrow, you pull a small tab that sets the wick. When the arrow hits the target, if the wick had not already gone off, it ignites the power as it surges forward.

Benefit: On the same turn as the arrow is fired, the head of the arrow explodes, dealing 1d8+3 points of damage to the target. This damage overrides the damage done by the bow, and the additional damage normally granted by composite bows is not added.

In addition, the small explosion produces a knock-back effect (DC 15 Reflex) within a 5ft. radius that displaces nearby enemies, leaving them with Flat-Footed AC until the end of their turn.

Drawback: The extra weight of this arrowhead gives you a –1 penalty on attack rolls with the arrow, and these arrows cannot be retrieved.

Special Arrows

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