Somewhere in Hyrule, you will stumble across a place which unsettles most to their very core. Within the Lost Woods is a hole in the ground which, if you are willing to take a leap of faith, will bring you to a new land.

This is Termina.


Campaign Overview

One way or another, each character has found themselves in Clocktown on the eve of the annual festival, the Carnival of Time. The mood is high and the people go about their merry way, constructing terraces for vendors, hanging streamers, and cleaning up the city’s biggest tourist attraction- the Clock Tower. People flood to the town, knowing that the next few days promise entertainment…

Dawn of the First Day

As the people of Termina awake, they notice something strange. Hanging precariously low in the sky is their moon, and perhaps more worryingly, it has a face. The leer of the moon burns down into the town of Clocktown, a queer smile on it’s face and burning red eyes. It is visible how quickly it sinks in the sky, threatening to devour land of Termina and leave a trail of fire and death in it’s wake. The very earth rumbles at it’s nearness, a shiver of future impact…

Panic begins.

Dawn of the Second and Third Days

How the players spend these next few days is up to them- will they join the the ensuing panic, fleeing the town and heading for loved ones?
Or will they stay defiantly to watch the Carnival of Time unfold?

Final Hours

Despite their choice, the moon begins to fall on the night of the third day. The earth shakes constantly now, the speed of the moon causing it to flame. As midnight tolls, a quiet song comes from the zenith of the Clock Tower, a song not heard since ancient times. From the cardinal directions come the deity Giants, massive beards covering their bodies. They converge on the tower, and point of impact for the falling moon, singing the song in earth shattering tones. Together, they hold up the moon from falling…

And two small figures are drawn into the moon.

The Giants hold up the moon for a good four hours, heaving against it’s mighty weight. As the sun rises, and with it, the moon simply disappears.

Nothing but a rainbow left in its wake. The Giants quietly return to their regions, fading into the distance.

But what does this really mean for Termina?

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